Day 12 – Last But Not Least…Self Care

Do self care. Be good to your self. There won’t be any Netflix and chilling if you’re too knackered to relax, too exhausted and stressed to enjoy telly. There’s no glory in working from morning until late at night and not getting anywhere.

Tip: Make sure to eat regularly and stay well hydrated. Take breaks from your desk or work area. Try some 3 minute wrist yoga by Adriene or a bit of Joe Wicks in your lunch hour. No one will know you’re not a kid. And remember this: even if today was a bit shit, there’s no reason why tomorrow won’t be the best day… ever.

Look at your work area and make it nice. Make it work for you. Get some tunes on when you’re feeling tired, to help perk you up. If you’re into nice smells, light incense or get an atomiser for your desk.

Declutter your work space so it feels like a work area and not a junk space. Keep it tidy and get it ready for the next day before you finish each evening.

And lastly, if you’re still feeling overwhelmed and really need some some help, well, you can always contact me. It might just be the start of something rather wonderful.