Day 10 – Cast a Fresh Eye On Your Business Tools

Cast a fresh eye over your business. What do you do, who do you do it for, why do you do it, why do people want what you do? What are the processes, procedures, systems and everything else you do to make it work?

Can you improve on it? I’m sure you could. There are new tools and methods coming out all the time to help with productivity.


  • Do you want to keep better track of emails that could lead to future work? Or, manage your email workflow and email related tasks? – get ActiveInbox
  • Do you want to just chunk through your business emails and save those newsletters you signed up for to read another day? Get Breef (join the waitlist!)
  • Do you want to speed through Gmail in a way no one has made it possible before? Again, Get Breef
  • Do you waste time typing the same thing over and over? Use TextExpander
  • Do you send Word Document contracts, or even worse pdfs, which people have to print off, sign, scan badly then send back to you – get Signiflow
  • Are you using pen and paper and wondering why? There’s a better way
  • Have you lost that email from that person you spoke to, who’s name you can’t remember but did that thing you knew you’d need in the future, but you can only remember he’d been to Ibiza at the same time as you did? Use Hubspot’s CRM – brilliant and free
  • Do you want to try some new software for lead pages, video editing, podcasting, or other things you don’t even know you need, but don’t want to be paying out monthly for forever? Look on AppSumo
  • Do you need someone to keep you accountable while you do a deep chunk of work from home, but don’t want someone to chat you to death? Try FocusMate – It’s like Zoom co-working but deathly silent