The 12 Days of an Unusually Organised Christmas

It’s too easy to lose focus. How often do you find yourself wondering where your time went, how it’s Thursday already, and how come you still haven’t finished Monday’s work? You’re not alone. It’s a thing. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Boring words like structure, lists, routines, and planning can make all the difference between working a crazy seven day week and maybe giving yourself a cheeky Friday off.

This year’s 12 Days of Christmas is designed to get you into good habits. It’s your job to take them and run with them. If you can’t, won’t, or have already tried and failed, I can help you.

Day 1 – Pin down the things you’ve got to do 

You can’t make a routine without factoring in all your movable and immovable tasks, in both your personal and business life. It’s a bit like your finances. If you haven’t done your income and expenditure, you can’t have any idea what you’re left with.

Look hard at all the stuff you always need to do each day. Write down every daily task from getting up, showering, doing your hair and face to making breakfast, school runs, the commute to work, kids’ dinner and bedtimes, plus all the things you need to do regularly at work – weekly meetings, visits, lunchtimes and so on. These are your immovable, repeating tasks. You have to do all of them, and you need to do them time and time again.

What’s left over is the rest of your working day – your movable tasks which you can plan in advance to work through at the best time for you.

Tip: put your immovables on your calendar so the time has been formally booked. Otherwise, you’ll only be tempted to add more tasks to your working day than you have hours to actually spend working.