Are you short of time? Can you spare enough of it to do a good job of promoting your business through social media marketing? Keeping one platform up to date can be challenging enough, and if you need to manage more than one you can soon find yourself losing momentum. I can do that for you.

With my help you’ll win back extra hours to do the things that matter, while maintaining that all-important consistent online presence. I’ll take on SMM for you, creating and managing accounts on a variety of social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Acting as your dedicated social media manager, I’ll make sure your profiles are kept up to date with relevant, engaging posts, links, hashtags and imagery. But it isn’t just a one-way street. I’ll also follow appropriate people and brands, interact with them and respond to their comments, all essential ingredients to grow a great reputation.

Why social media matters to your business

Why is it important to grow a lively, attractive social media presence?

  • Promote your brand and business to a relevant, interested audience
  • Promote trust in your brand by giving your business an attractive, appropriate human face
  • Connect with new communities and users, widening your brand’s reach
  • Put fresh, interesting website content in front of an interested audience
  • Grow people’s trust in your business
  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Tackle customer feedback instantly
  • Deal with complaints and issues effectively, immediately
  • Connect with your fellow businesses on a B2B basis

Armed with a detailed brief from you, which I can help you with if you need it, I’ll make social media work for your business as a social media virtual assistant. It costs nothing to talk, so give me a call or send an email to explore my social media management service in more detail.

Let’s make a success of social media

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