Day 3 – A Good To Do List is a Marvellous Thing…

… as long as it’s done properly. It isn’t intended to be finished every day, it’s an ongoing list you keep, just so you have everything in one place. You can separate it into categories if you fancy. I like to chunk my tasks down into ‘project’ sized bites. It means I can achieve them quickly, and I also get a sense of achievement which inspires me to keep it up.

Instead of having bits of paper and spending money on ToDo software, just set up a Google Sheet or Excel spreadsheet and use it to list what needs to be done. The main rule is that everything I have to do, both personal and business, phone calls, meetings and appointments need to go onto the ToDo list so you have everything in one place.

Building a house today?

No, of course you’re not. But you might be:

  • Putting tester paint on the living room wall to see if you can live with it
  • Sanding down the gloss paint
  • Pulling up the carpet
  • Cleaning surfaces, prepping for paint
  • Making a checklist of what you need

It’s all stuff that needs doing. But because it’s in bite sized chunks you can tick things off. Have you heard about the Frenchman who ate an entire light aircraft? He ground it down and added it to his food bit by bit, day by day. Think like him!

It can also double up as your timesheet, and you can filter if you need to hand in a timesheet with your invoice to clients, or if you just want to know how long you spent this month on emails, or other assorted jobs. I’ve fine tuned mine to be a to do list, time manager, safety net for anything I think of that needs doing, and life organiser.