When was the last time you took a long, hard look at your own website? It might be a while – it’s tempting to just let a site lie once it has been set up, leaving it to fend for itself.  But all around you competing businesses are keeping their sites up to date, adding fresh information, removing outdated stuff and adding new functionality as online technology moves on. In a fast-moving landscape, you can easily fall behind in no time and end up with a site that doesn’t support your business anywhere near as well as it could.

It might mean uploading, formatting and scheduling weekly blog posts or formatting and publishing new web pages.  It could mean checking for typos and grammar, carrying out backups and updating the CMS. It may involve creating forms for client feedback, installing plugins, adding extra page content, or audio and video. It can even mean removing outdated content and adding new products. Or simply keeping a close eye on the site as a whole and recommending essential developments and updates in line with others in your competitive space.  We can do that for you.