When the chips are down, essential tasks can easily fall through the cracks. You’d be amazed how frequently invoicing and expenses are neglected, left until ‘later’. And you’d probably be horrified at how quickly ignoring them can lead to cashflow nightmares.  They trick is to stay ahead of the game. Where your business finances are concerned that means invoicing either at the same time every month, at the end of every project, or as soon as you make a sale. And keeping an efficient tally of your expenses so they can’t get out of control. Only when you know exactly what cash you have coming in and going out can you know for sure where you stand at any one point in time.

Time flies when you’re bundling along the road to success, but we won’t let your cashflow get into a state. Hand over to us and we’ll provide accurate, clear records of everything you’ve spend and make sure your invoicing is done on time, regularly. We can even carry out basic credit control, gently and politely reminding customers when payments go past their due date. Which means your finances will remain in apple-pie order, and you’ll be able to tap into an accurate snapshot of your cashflow situation whenever you need it.