Blogging is probably the world’s most powerful content marketing tool. But do you have the time, energy and inclination to post to your business blog twice a month, once a week, or more?  Unless you can dream up ideas easily and write confidently and quickly, blogging can be a real chore. Simply researching a topic can take ages, often time you just don’t have spare. Then there’s adding blog posts to your CMS, including royalty-free, fee-free images – can you do all that or would it tip you over the edge into madness?

A growing number of business owners are handing over their blogging responsibilities to people like us. We make sure you post regularly and frequently, according to your marketing plans. If you don’t want to write posts yourself, we know people who can do that for you. We format posts properly so they look good and are easy to read. And if you choose to use us for social media marketing, we’ll promote posts for you as well. We also monitor blogs to make sure the content is up to date, either carrying out or reminding you about vital maintenance tasks like checking new content for typos and grammar, even carrying out blog backups and plugin updates.