Business support
Intelligent delegation

Maybe you’re just about to launch a new business. Perhaps you’re already well-established. Whatever your situation, a combination of everyday and unexpected tasks keep cropping up to steal your time.

Business services to help your company thrive

Whatever sector or industry you’re in, we’ll take charge of your day-to-day admin. We can handle all sorts of online research. We’ll help you keep your customer and prospect databases up to date, make your business processes and procedures go like clockwork, and deal with inbound client enquiries professionally.

  • Improve your reach and influence thanks to intelligent independent research
  • Make the most of social media
  • Deliver rock solid customer service
  • Identify and achieve vital milestones within a sensible timescale
  • Make quick changes to the way you operate in response to today’s fast-changing business landscape
  • Test-drive new approaches and ideas to identify the best way ahead

You’ll find full details of the services we provide on our services page.

“From the beginning of the process, I was very impressed by how, having set up our Twitter account, you immediately found, on your own, without any assistance from us, interesting, entertaining and relevant topics related to holography and began to build a following for the Twitter feed that helped us bring over 2000 visitors to the exhibition.
I also appreciated the time invested by you in teaching me both how to use Twitter and Instagram which helped us use social media to spread the word with updates from the exhibition.
I would also like to say how helpful and friendly the whole LMDTFY team were, so ably led by Lisa and to particular show my appreciation for the way in which the old fashioned task of producing a school’s mailing list and subsequent mailing were handled in a professional, timely and efficient way.

John Brown – Pure Holography